Thursday , July 16th 2020
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Travian Tips For Building a Hammer

A hammer is your offensive strike drive in Travian. You primarily use it to destroy and seize enemy villages, however you should use it for raiding too. A correct hammer is a mixture of completely different offensive items; infantry, cavalry, rams and catapults. It is necessary to have the correct amount of the precise elements with the intention to have probably the most environment friendly hammer. However the very first thing we have to do is to decide on which village we construct it in…

Capital vs. a Common Village

These are the 2 selections we’ve got. Each of them have professionals and cons.

Capital hammer in Travian is possibly the simpler alternative. Your capital can’t be captured, so you do not have to be afraid of your hammer vanishing and not using a combat. Capitals and hammer villages are prime targets to your enemies. When you could have your hammer within the capital you could have one necessary village much less to defend. Your capital additionally produces most of your crops, so your crop manufacturing will not out of the blue drop closely to the destructive aspect if you determine to maneuver your troops. This protects you from the headache of shifting tons of meals from different villages.

Nonetheless, you possibly can’t construct nice barracks or nice secure in your capital. This will increase your efforts significantly, should you plan to have an enormous military. Coaching a hammer additionally requires just a few constructing slots, slots that you just desperately want in your capital for warehouses and granaries with the intention to construct excessive stage croplands.

The extra common alternative amongst high gamers in Travian is to have a particular village during which to construct the hammer; the hammer village or an offensive village. In contrast to the capital, this village will be captured and feeding your troops will develop into a ache within the ass in a while. Nonetheless, constructing the hammer to a chosen offensive village provides you extra flexibility. You possibly can construct nice barracks and nice secure which allow you to have a much bigger military. Constructing slots are actually extra a lot additionally. Do not forget that shifting rams and catapults takes numerous time, so your offensive village must be as shut as doable to your capital. This will increase the readiness of your troops.

Infantry and Cavalry

These clearly are the muscle tissues in your military. Infantry is affordable and quick to coach so it must be the majority of your military. Nonetheless, for stability we have to prepare cavalry additionally. There isn’t a precise relation on what number of items of infantry you want for one unit of cavalry. A great information line is 1:1 when it comes to crop use, in instance, 4 Imperians for one Equites Caesaris. There isn’t a higher restrict for these so prepare, prepare and prepare, however keep in mind that it’s a must to feed them too.

With a view to save assets in weapons upgrades, it is best to prepare just one infantry and one cavalry items.


The significance of rams is usually underestimated in Travian. Whether or not your goal village has a wall or not makes an enormous distinction for the success of your assault. You possibly can test this on the battle simulator present in sport. 500+ rams is nearly all the time sufficient to interrupt a stage 20 wall, relying on circumstances. Lower than that, attempt at your personal peril. After all in case you have only a few infantry and cavalry items to go together with them, it is not value it to have 500 rams. However ultimately 500 is the goal.


Catapults are used to destroy buildings. The extra you could have, the extra injury you possibly can inflict. Catapults are very costly so that you should not construct an excessive amount of. Once more, 500 items is an effective quantity to focus on, sufficient to make some significant injury. 500 items is certainly not an higher restrict, produce as a lot as you want.

To provide you some thought, it takes about 20 (lvl 20) catapults to destroy a lvl 10 constructing fully and about 50 for a lvl 20 constructing. You want lvl 20 rally level with the intention to do double concentrating on which is extremely really useful as a result of it halves the quantity of assault waves you want.