Friday , February 21st 2020
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Bosch 24v Hammer Drill – Drilling Through Concrete

Whereas most Do-it-yourselfers primarily want an occasional gap in wooden or vinyl, any severe house owner will finally wish to get an even bigger gap in far more tough materials.

For instance, possibly you are putting in a brand new electrical line for a fountain within the again yard – and you have to undergo an 8-inch block wall. You are not going to pound by way of that concrete with a traditional drill. What you want is a Bosch 24v hammer drill.

A Bosch 24v hammer drill, in addition to different hammer drills, make the most of an extra characteristic to get by way of onerous surfaces like concrete. Not solely do they rotate a drill bit, however additionally they have a pounding hammer that makes use of the bit as a chisel.

This double-action of rotating and pounding chips away at onerous, brittle materials like concrete and stone.

It is essential to notice that you do not wish to use a Bosch 24v hammer drill with an everyday drill bit. Actually, some hammer drills do not even settle for regular drill bits. The chucks do not perform the identical manner. The explanation you do not wish to use an everyday drill bit is as a result of the masonry bit (as they’re generally referred to as) has a hardened tip designed to reveal the influence of the hammer motion, in addition to getting used on extraordinarily onerous materials, like concrete and stone.

It is essential to notice that with immediately’s advances in battery and motor know-how, what was not potential years in the past is now widespread apply. I am referring to a battery powered hammer drill. The Bosch 24v hammer drill, the Brute Powerful half” mannequin, is sufficiently small to deal with simply, however sturdy sufficient to get the job accomplished.

If, nevertheless, you are going to be drilling plenty of holes in concrete, or very giant holes, the Bosch 24v hammer drill might be not the most suitable choice. In that case, you’ll wish to take a look at one thing like a Bosch SDS-Plus which is a corded drill.