Friday , February 21st 2020
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Hammer Throwing Basics

The hammer and weight throw are having fun with a resurgence in American Observe and Area. The USATF lately added the hammer to its youth schedule, and there may be increasingly more curiosity amongst highschool applications to incorporate the hammer. Hal Connolly, the 1956 Olympic gold medalist within the hammer, is making main strides in selling a grass roots effort to popularize the occasion on this nation as soon as once more.

There was a time when American hammer throwers have been the envy of the world. There have been few others on this planet that would compete with US hammer throwers on the early Olympic Video games. Because the occasion shifted from a energy occasion to extra of a way occasion, American throwers have slipped from their dominant standing. In truth, Hal Connolly (1956) and Lance Deal (1992), are the one two People to medal on the Olympic Video games prior to now 50 years.

Anatoli Bondarchunk of the previous Soviet Union, has revolutionized the occasion along with his technical philosophy and coaching strategies. Despite the fact that he has been teaching for over 30 years now, his strategies are nonetheless uncared for on this nation. The first tenets of his technical philosophy embody sustaining good posture, and pushing the ball. Too many starting hammer throwers are nonetheless taught the previous “grip it and rip it” technique of hammer throwing, which might provide them brief time period positive aspects, solely results in long run frustration and even harm.

To ensure that hammer throwers to develop to one of the best of their potential, it’s important for them to concentrate on the winds and entry of the throw above all else. The thrower should arrange a correctly balanced thrower-implement system. If the system just isn’t arrange correctly from the entry, it’s unimaginable to right by the course of the throw. Basic illustrations of setting the system up accurately may be seen by Bondarchunk’s star pupils, Sergi Litvinov and Yuri Sedych. Among the high hammer throwers of at the moment have refined the entry even additional as may be seen by Ivan Tikhan of Belarus (now coached by Sergi Litvinov).

If the thrower units the system up accurately from the entry, it’s then a matter of “pushing the ball” and sustaining correct posture. All through every successive flip, the thrower ought to aggressively drive and switch the best foot, knee, and hand by every double help section. Because the tangential drive of the ball will increase as a result of its pace, the thrower should proceed to carry his chin, or the crown of his head to keep up correct posture and stop “breaking on the waist,” or crashing down on the best facet.

The time has come for American hammer throwers to regain their prominence on the Olympic medal stands. Proceed growing your teaching information and actively working with younger athletes to advance our sport.