Friday , February 21st 2020
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If All You Have is a Hammer Everything Starts to Look Like a Nail

We had been watching the movie Mulholland Drive yesterday and it instantly hit us like a bolt of lightening. What number of instances we misdiagnose a state of affairs. What number of instances we supply on a path not understanding that our assumption have taken us miles off beam.

It’s like enjoying golf and solely understanding use three golf equipment and having to make use of them in each state of affairs.

It’s like wanting by means of a digicam zoom lens as a substitute of a large angle.

It’s like blindly following one other’s opinion.

The actual fact is that the majority of our lives are spent reusing the data collected in our youth. Thus, when something new enters our enviornment we instantly go to the previous to attempt to make sense of it.

The end result is: we every reside an phantasm. We every see our world by means of some actually closely tinted spectacles. We every act as if we’re a hammer and all the pieces that is available in entrance of us is a nail.

The issue is. IT DOESN’T WORK.

We had been amazed how simply we fell into the lure. How simply we interpreted what was taking place earlier than our eyes and made it logical. How simply we looked for closure.

To make us comfy we needed to place issues into a snug class. We needed to position happenings in a field in the identical approach a librarian codes books for simple entry. Ah! That goes within the household field. That’s impolite conduct. That’s unacceptable in public. That exhibits he’s uneducated and so on and so on and so on …

Sure, you would argue that this type of coding is essential in life as a result of it helps us get by means of life shortly.
BUT !!!
Why will we wish to put ourselves and others into ‘psychological packing containers’? What’s it about us that we wish to say we’re this kind of individual or that? Why will we wish to restrict ourselves? Why will we wish to promote ourselves brief?

It’s like being a carpenter who solely has a hammer in his toolbox. We’re limiting ourselves past perception. Simply think about how limiting it will be when you solely had a hammer in your toolbox? How will you get obsessed with something if all you’re able to is knocking the brains out of any data that comes your approach?

How do you discover out what you had been introduced onto this planet to do if all you are able to do is reply in the identical strategy to no matter is put in entrance of you.

How do you develop and develop your youngsters if all they see is identical conduct no matter the issue posed.

How do you rise to the challenges of our society if all you do is apply the identical reasoning though it doesn’t match?

As Howard Schatz. The well-known New York dance photographer acknowledged in certainly one of his books:

“I informed every dancer that when it was simple, it had most likely been performed
earlier than, most likely many instances. I defined that solely when it was so laborious
that it was practically inconceivable had been we maybe near getting one thing
distinctive and extraordinary. ”

Is that this why we wish to categorise conditions and folks? We really don’t like laborious work.

Is it that we don’t just like the strain of being our true selves? As a result of to try this we have now to face out?

Is it that we are able to’t deal with being distinctive and extraordinary, so we simply wish to be related and extraordinary?

Is it that we’re afraid of who we is likely to be? Are we afraid that we will be profitable? Afraid that if we admit to ourselves that we have now expertise we’d should do one thing with our lives?

Is it that we don’t actually wish to discover out who we actually are and what we’re able to?

We don’t find out about you however we wish to be distinctive, we wish to discover out and use our uniqueness. We wish to be fulfilled. We wish to discover our power supply that’s launched after we are doing what we’re meant to do. We wish to be within the movement, as some writers describe it.

We now have come to understand that what stops us from being within the movement on a regular basis. What stops us from releasing our ardour. What stops us from behaving naturally. What makes us waste power.


Concern retains us inserting individuals and conditions into classes.

Concern stops us from main ourselves.

Concern stops us from letting go of the previous.

Concern retains our ordinary patterns in place.

Being frightened and feeling second greatest cease us from discovering our true selves.

Concern buries the pure me.

“A musician should make music, and artists should paint,
a poet should write, if he’s to be in the end at peace with himself.
What a person will be, he have to be ”

What about you?

Good Luck

Graham and Julie