Friday , February 21st 2020
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Rebound Hammer – 6 Steps to Measure the Strength of Concrete

A rebound hammer is an instrument to find out the energy of rock or concrete. Since that is a necessary component of structural design and is specified for compliance functions, it’s vital to know the energy of the concrete. This hammer is also referred to as the Schmidt Hammer in honor of its inventor Ernst O. Schmidt who invented this measuring machine within the 1950s.

The rebound hammer take a look at is predicated on the precept that the rebound of an elastic mass will depend on the hardness of the floor towards which the mass impinges. When testing the influence bolt of the rebound hammer strikes the floor of the concrete with an outlined pressure. After the influence, a steel physique, the so-called hammer rebounds. The rebound distance is measured by a sensor and handed on to the show unit as {an electrical} sign.

6 Steps to measure the energy of concrete with a rebound hammer:

  1. Use a grinding stone to smoothen the take a look at floor.
  2. Carry out a number of take a look at impacts with the rebound hammer on this clean, onerous floor earlier than taking any measurements which you will consider. Carry out a consistency test on the take a look at anvil.
  3. Guarantee all settings are appropriately finished.
  4. Place the hammer perpendicular to and towards the take a look at floor. Push the concrete take a look at hammer towards the floor at a reasonable pace till the influence is triggered. Bear in mind that the plunger generates a recoil when it deploys. Due to this fact it is suggested to carry the rebound hammer with each fingers, perpendicular to the take a look at floor, earlier than triggering the influence.
  5. Every take a look at floor must be examined with a minimum of 12 impacts dropping the very best and the bottom after which take the typical of the remaining. The person influence factors should be spaced a minimum of 25 mm aside. The British Commonplace BS 1881: Half 202 advices to check on a grid sample with a spacing of 20 to 50 mm.
  6. Interpret the take a look at outcomes.