Friday , September 25th 2020
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Right Foot Touchdown in the Hammer Throw – Heel Or Toe?

The correct foot landing within the hammer throw is a essential level of power utility to the implement. This may be clearly seen by these throwers on the prime of the world rankings at this time. You’ll discover how a lot power they’re placing into the bottom with every successive flip. With a purpose to higher facilitate this power manufacturing, ought to athletes be taught to land with the appropriate toe or heel throughout every double assist section?

From my observations, and thru listening to worldwide athletes communicate, that is the one nation the place that is even a query within the hammer throw. Is that as a result of we’re pushing the bounds of method and exploring new prospects on the leading edge? I’d say that our outcomes over the previous 50 years in worldwide competitions would go towards that speculation.

From a biomechanical standpoint, practically each different occasion is coached to maintain a dorsiflexed foot as a lot as attainable. Within the shot and discus we wish to maintain a dorsiflexed foot to facilitate conserving the burden again and throwing with the hips and making a summation of forces. Within the operating occasions, a dorsiflexed foot is prompted to extend the stretch reflex with every floor contact. Why ought to the hammer throw be taught any in a different way?

Yuri Sedych and Tibor Gescek, arguably probably the most constant throwers of all time over the 80 meter mark, each agree that the hammer thrower ought to land in double assist on a flat foot. The immediate I’ve heard them each use is “foot like hammer” driving down into the bottom. The younger athlete can visualize this by smashing an aluminum soda can with their foot. Nonetheless as quickly as the entire foot makes contact with the bottom, there have to be an energetic turning of the appropriate aspect. This consists of the foot, knee, and hip. Assume when you have been to stomp out an errant spark from a campfire, you’ll step down onto it after which grind it into the bottom by pushing the heel out.

Now some will argue that world class hammer throwers might be seen touchdown on their proper toe within the later turns. It is a right remark. World class hammer throwers generate super ball pace, to the purpose the place they don’t have sufficient time to land on the entire foot earlier than they should drive the ball for the following flip. In listening to a few of these prime athletes communicate at numerous clinics, it appears obvious to me that this isn’t an energetic option to land on the toe. Their purpose is to drive the heel down on every flip, the pace and forces concerned, merely do not permit them to do it, however it’s NOT an energetic change in the best way they’re approaching the flip.

Touchdown on the heel supplies a way more strong base for the athlete to work from. Assume again to the Olympic Lifts. We’d by no means coach our athletes to attempt to land on their toes on the platforms. Driving down with the appropriate toe creates numerous issues within the throw. Initially, pointing the toe down results in an elevated tendency to interrupt on the waist which is commonly adopted by locking out the left knee and “crashing” into the turns. Second, by reaching with the toe, the athlete is dropping an incredible quantity of power that might be utilized, as a result of numerous the muscle teams in the appropriate leg have been eradicated from the system. Third, touchdown on the toe promotes turning “contained in the ball.” So the athlete feels as if he’s transferring quick, however the ball is just not. Touchdown on the heel supplies extra time in double assist to speed up the hammer-thrower system.

In conclusion, we must always take our cues on this difficulty from probably the most profitable hammer applications on this planet. They’ve confirmed their success of their effectivity of persistently creating world-class hammer throwers reaching marks close to 80 meters or extra.